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I'm having some trouble understanding background-image and how browsers store them.

One thing that's a problem at this point is the toolbar. Everytime I hover out it, Mozilla 1.0 will re-request the image, so that, even after the page is loaded, we see the image loading. It kinda sucks. I don't know if I should just peg it as a 1.0 bug, hopefully fixed on 1.1, or whether it's something a bit more insidious. Opera and IE handle that part perfectly.

Another problem is on the style-switching links (under the beef appreciation paragraph). In Mozilla, works fine. In IE, when I click on Simple CSS, the entire central div (div id="#content") is invisible, but as soon as I resize the window, it shows up. I'm assuming this is a bug with IE, but exactly what bug is it? What is triggering it?


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