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Bipolar (III) Inmate

From: Australia
Insane since: Oct 2002

IP logged posted posted 12-17-2002 13:36 Edit Quote

Saw this come up the other day, is <FIG> even supported anymore? i have some pictures i need to put captions to while still keeping them flowing, just looking at the best way to do it, anyone know? I tried it but it didnt show the picture in IE for some reason. Thanks

Maniac (V) Mad Scientist

From: Rochester, New York, USA
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IP logged posted posted 12-17-2002 16:54 Edit Quote

I have never even heard of a FIG tag. I did some searching at it appears to be a part of the first draft of HTML3. I saw some notes that it was deprecated in place of MAP and AREA elements, but was not able to find anything about this on the W3's web site.

Every piece of information I find on this tag goes back to 1995 or 1996, I can not find anything more recent.

I think you are out of luck on this one.

I think you might want to try using MAP and AREA. You might also want to supply and example of exactly what you are trying to achomplish (pictorally maybe) and we could probabally help better.

Bipolar (III) Inmate

From: Australia
Insane since: Oct 2002

IP logged posted posted 12-17-2002 23:02 Edit Quote

Yeh i thought it seemed old, i was really just interested in the <CAPTION> options that you could use with it. Its ok tho was just curious, im just floating my gallery boxes with css so they can stack next to eachother etc.

My only concern was that i remeber reading something about float not having great support, but i must be wrong it seems to be working fine in most browsers.

Thanks anyhow

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