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Hi all:
I got a request from a client to quote on coordinating/designing a cd-rom business card link to the client's web site. Any pointers? Where do I start? I've done web sites, brochures, newsletters, slide presentations - I've just never done a cd-rom. Thanks for any help!

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Well, the easiest way to do it would be to use flash or something like that to autorun when the cd is placed in the drive.

You'll need two things, the flash doc as an executable and icon to be used for it. Then just place these lines in a file called "autorun.inf":


Replace the file names with the ones you made. They do not have to have the same name.

:edit: The autorun.inf file has to be in the root directory on the cd and I'm not sure if it makes a difference, but capitalize the name to be safe (AUTORUN.INF).

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Are you looking more for info on how to quote the project, prices, etc.? If so think of it as a web site, then add to it. You've got a basic structure that can fall into a website-like category, but you have to add in time spent for motion, transitions, sound, etc. Does that help at all? Feel free to get more specific.



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sanddollar: Welcome. Its not clear if you want advice on how to get the CD-ROM done (silence) or the pricing (Fig) but I'll assume you are aiming for the former.

The answer depends on your experience - the simplest is to launch a web page with autorun (I've done it numerous times). The main problem is that autorun has to launch an executable file which a webpage clear isn't. However, there are some solutions:

The first is a VBScript which (given the problems with viruses) might not suit.

Another solution:

For testing this see:;EN-US;Q136214

If you want to get fancier check out this site:

Its been a while seen I researched this and wrote up the results as a tutorial (where this data is taken from - all links have been checked and still work) but I still use the tools a lot - it makes it remarkably easy to create a interface to any CD-R you cut at home to contain, for example, a back up of your graphics, etc.

Once this tricky step is over the rest of the HTML/CD flows just like any other webpage.


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