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I am trying to teach myself flash, but I can't seem to get photos to show up clearly when I import them in. Everything just kind of pixelates. I have tried using .png, .gif, .jpg, bitmap, etc but nothing works. Is there anyone out there that knows a solution?

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rjhoffma: Welcome and enjoy your stay. As I'm struggling to get to grips with Flash I understand those kind of questions

It might depend on the version you are using but go to Help >> Lessons and there are some introductory lessons incluing one entitles 'For Fireworks and Photoshop Users' which deals with bringing raster graphics into Flash.


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ah. i know that problem.
the trick is the thing you are handling the image inside flash!

for importing i recommend something lossless like png (which also has alpha channels, but thats another story).

then when you have the image in the library you can rightclick and go to properties or so. there you have 2 versions about how flash will handle the image after you published the movie.
lossless(png/gif): no qualityloss, but higher filesize.
compressed(jpeg): decreases quality, but saves space.

got it?
if you will save your image as lossless, then you dont have to care anymore but will probably have a large filesize.
if you choose compressed, you can go to file->publish settings and there you can set the level of jpeg-compression. the lower it is the lower is also the filesize. so you in your case might need a very high value, something between 80 and 95 is good.

any more questions? just ask!

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