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is there a way to have flash pull it's dynamic text from a .txt file? I have a program I wrote that pulls info from a database every 5 minutes or so. And I have a "stock tiker" style flash animation to display information on a big screen. but i have to update it manually whenever anything changes. Is ther a way to have it pull the info from the txt file so it updates itself? and i can jsut have the window refresh itself every 5 minutes or so. THnx

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The basics of getting dynamic text from an external text file are spelled out in this tutorial (written for Flash 5, but still applicable in MX if you acount for the interface changes).

That's the easy part. Getting the Flash movie to refresh every 5 minutes might turn out to be the hard part though. That's kind of an eternity for an average Flash movie. Might have to use the getTimer function or something?

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