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posted posted 07-02-2003 16:18

Does anyone know of a quick script to run through a database and remove a character?
Or an alternative way...

For some reasons this data that I am importing had at the front and end of each piece of info.


Thomas Chase Gullett

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posted posted 07-02-2003 19:20

tgullett: Hmmmmmmm nothing simple as far as I can tell. I'd do something like:

Grab all the data

Loop the result through a while

In the while grab the data and use string functions to remove the character and then use UPDATE to put the data back in

Close the while loop

There isn't much point me writing the SQL as I don't know your table and field names so you'd essentially have to rewrite the thing anyway.


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Tyberius Prime
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posted posted 07-02-2003 20:21

well, 'select SUBSTRING(myField,1,length(myField) - 2) from mytable'
should get you what you want.
you could then use a select into, or even an update to get the data change
(like 'update mytable set myField = SUBSTRING(myField,1,length(myField) - 2)').

The manual's your friend

(no gurantees though. Might be that they're numbering from 1, instead of 0, and then the 1 won't cut of the first char, but you'll lose two characters at the end. try that select statement first, before running the update)

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