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posted posted 09-19-2003 13:27

I have an input text feld and an input button. After entering something in my input text feld, I press the input button and an event will occur (a word search). After this event, a new value will appear in my input text feld (the word found). The problem is that to see my input text feld and text button it is necessary to scroll (you cannot see them when you open the page), and after the event, the view goes to the top of the page and I have to scroll again to see my input text feld. Is there any way to fix the view, so that after the event I can see directly my input text feld???

Thanks in advance.


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posted posted 09-19-2003 15:08

Bettina: Welcome.

The simple answer is to use this on your HTML just before your input:

<a name="text_input"></a>

and the in the action instead of my_page.php (or whatever you are using) use:

<form method="my_page.php#text_input">

Hope that helps.


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