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posted posted 11-06-2003 14:32


My first post :-)

Anyway - I am very new to the PHP world and just managed to get a script to work with no real problems However the email address given to both myself and the customer is that of my ISP !!!

Is there a way to add a line in to give me there address as a reply, and a line to give my address for then to reply to?

I hope the made sense.

Script below:

Many Thanks



PRINT "Thank you, $FullName for your interest in our product.";
PRINT "We will send an information pack to: $Address, today. If in the mean time you have any questions please call us on the number below ";

mail("$Email", "Your request for information", "$FullName
Thank you for your interest regarding our Product!
An information pack is on its way to you.");

"Enquiry from $FullName.",
"$FullName requested for information about a product.
The subject was: $Subject
There comments or questions are: $Comment
The email address is: $Email
The Postal Address is:
$Address ");

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posted posted 11-06-2003 15:09

neilwillis: Yep - see the manual entry for the mail() function:

Just change the details as shown here:

Example 2. Sending mail with extra headers.

mail("", "the subject", $message,
"From: webmaster@{$_SERVER['SERVER_NAME']}\r\n"
."Reply-To: webmaster@{$_SERVER['SERVER_NAME']}\r\n"
."X-Mailer: PHP/" . phpversion());

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