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posted posted 05-01-2003 14:10

...haven´t you learned anything?

The United States signed a truce on April 15 with the Iraq-based Mujahedeen Khalq, also known as the People's Mujahedeen, allowing the group to keep its weapons to defend itself against Iranian-backed attacks.

Formed in the 1960s by the college-educated children of Iranian merchants, the MEK sought to counter what it perceived as excessive Western influence in the Shah's regime. Following a philosophy that mixes Marxism and Islam, has developed into the largest and most active armed Iranian dissident group. Its history is studded with anti-Western activity, and, most recently, attacks on the interests of the clerical regime in Iran and abroad.

Worldwide campaign against the Iranian Government stresses propaganda and occasionally uses terrorist violence. During the 1970s the MEK staged terrorist attacks inside Iran and killed several US military personnel and civilians working on defense projects in Tehran. Supported the takeover in 1979 of the US Embassy in Tehran. In April 1992 conducted attacks on Iranian embassies in 13 different countries, demonstrating the group's ability to mount large-scale operations overseas. The normal pace of anti-Iranian operations increased during the "Operation Great Bahman" in February 2000, when the group claimed it launched a dozen attacks against Iran. During the remainder of the year, the MEK regularly claimed that its members were involved in mortar attacks and hit-and-run raids on Iranian military, law enforcement units, and government buildings near the Iran-Iraq border. The MEK also claimed six mortar attacks on civilian government and military buildings in Tehran.
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posted posted 05-01-2003 14:44

This is a good back serve MW

Sorry, couldn't access the second link (get banned by my proxy). but what I understood is that the USA allowed the MEK to keep their weapons supposedly to defend themselves againt Iranians, even if it is the MEK that attacks Iranians ?

Hmm that sounds to me like the old days of CIA, making others do the bad work... I have to say this article confirms my thoughts on it. If this is really true, then I don't think the USA have any sort of remarks to do to the other countries...

I just wanted to notify something : saying "But if terrorists become America's servants, then they are not bad. It's a test, showing how America ridicules fighting terrorism and democracy, Khamenei said." is exactly the same type of sentences the author we had in the former topic said about Germany, and this type of allegations is not useful in my opinion.

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Paranoid (IV) Inmate

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posted posted 05-01-2003 22:16

Yeh... exactly... Haven't you learned anything? Here, one will be protected by the u.s. as long as that is in the u.s. interests. Once that one goes against the rules of the game (set by the u.s.) one becomes a terrorist, and ultimately threatens the american freedom and democracy. It's pretty smart though. Aside from the fact that it's "morally wrong" (whatever the hell that means), it's the way to succeed in the world politics : ) and of course,,, we've got the biggest stick.

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posted posted 05-02-2003 07:07

^^ The strong right arm rules. Not that I necessarily like the idea. =)

Maniac (V) Mad Scientist

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posted posted 05-02-2003 09:13


Business as need to be (except Bugs, maybe) expected things to be really different, right? And in that, I think he was hoping (like a lot of us) that maybe, indeed, it would be...too bad. It would seem, that Mr. Bush and his administration is slowly losing interest in Iraq...and is instead looking to other things...Iran, for instance...but I could be wrong. I'm just surprised that Mr. Bush is using this type of never works, in the long run...

That's always the problem with the 'moral''s only 'moral' from a certain viewpoint...and from others, it can be immoral...

I would really like to hear Bugs take on this...

Bipolar (III) Inmate

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posted posted 05-09-2003 11:50
I would really like to hear Bugs take on this...

Me too... so I´m shamelessly bumping this to the top again.

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