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posted posted 06-27-2002 08:19

I work at a newspaper as a graphics designer and the other day one of the pressmen came up to let us know that in their CMYK plates the black plate only registered 6% black in all the areas where the company who designed the PDF had used a dark blue. Anyone who knows old 4 color presses know that anything under 10% black and the press will blow it out.

I began to look through Adobe Acrobat's menus for some place to adjust the colors and quickly realized their wasn't anyplace to do so. We all have Illustrator 6 that was out. If I brought it into Photoshop it would have rasterized the text. Then it struck me!!!

I opened up Adobe Pagemaker 7 and created a new document and placed the PDF onto the new document (it retains the vectorized text too)...right there in the color palette was the Pantone Blue I needed to adjust. Yippee!! I opened it up and quickly adjusted the black from 6% to 15% and reexported to pdf. Bottabing bottaboom!

I hope this helps anyone that comes across this problem in the future!!!

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posted posted 07-02-2002 01:50

Wow, great tip, thanks I will have to rember that one.

I run into this problem and often the shops I work at dont have PitStop or Illustrator 10.

Sure beats having to convert to postscript and hand editing or adjusting the linework file on the RIP.


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