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posted posted 10-12-2003 23:49

I gave up long ago trying to work any graphic creating software, but here I am again, needing it, and not able to understand or use it! I want to enter a poem into a poetry contest, but the poem itself has to be in the shape of a snake. I have CorelDraw8, but don't understand the directions. Truthfully, I wouldn't mind if someone else twisted my text for me, but any help is appreciated. Just assume I know nothing about graphic programs, and you probably still think I know more about it then I do. LOL

Anyone able to help me?


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posted posted 10-14-2003 03:26

Sorry, I have never used Coral Draw version 8 or otherwise. If you had Illustrator, Freehand or Indesign I could provided some help.

The way I see it there are a few routes you can take. Create a path and have the text follow the path or create a picture box in the shape of a snake an have it follow the path. Both should be fairly easy in Coral Draw. Look in the documents under tollow path or text on a path, or maybe irregular shaped text box.

It can also be done by hand, I just recently had a typography class project where we couldn't use a computer to set type only cut and paste and a photocopyer. I used an old manual keylineing trick I learned some 15 years ago to make text follow a simple path. I could explain the process if you like. It's very easy.

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posted posted 10-16-2003 04:41

yeah your gonna need a program that enables you to use text on a path or text to fill a shape. something like indesign, illustrator, quark xpress, something like that...

or you could do it by hand...

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posted posted 10-16-2003 06:40

Here we go.

Open Corel 8

start new graphic.

Select the 'freehand tool' (The pencil tip with the little arrow)

with the 'freehand tool' draw a long slow curving line (snake).

When you're done you'll see 6 black handles around that line.

Next select the text icon... that's the "A" on the tool bar. Now... start typing your poem... just 3 or so lines to get the hang of this. When you've done that...again you'll see the 6 black handles around the text.

Now click on the selection tool.... the BLACK ARROW at the top of the toolbar... now with that arrow click on the should see the frame and the black handles. Now HOLD DOWN THE SHIFT Key and CLICK on that curved line.

You should now see those black handles around both the text and the line. If you don't go back and do it again.

Now go up to the menu bar click on 'Text' now click on the 4th option down 'Fit Text To Path'

Just do that 3 or 4 times till you get the idea of what's going on ... then you can start playing with the line making it twist whichever way you want..and then make the text follow the 'snake.'

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