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posted posted 06-22-2001 04:02

I already know the basic features of both perl and php. What I know is that PHP offers great simplicity.
I am kind of lost, I don't know if I should concentrate on PHP or PERL, I know both are awesome langauges. So I am asking you guys who know both languages very well, see which direction I should run into.

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From: Rochester, New York, USA
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posted posted 06-22-2001 06:05

I started out with Perl and used it for about 6 months at a steady rate. And I loved it at the time, however I found that it took me a long time to write and debug the code, just to accomplish an easy task like setting up a news script via a flat text file.

I next got into PHP and found it to be loads simpler, and it made it real easy for me to do lots of things really fast. I prefer PHP over Perl to this day, as today I just got done writting 500 lines of PHP code for a project I am working on. I had to consult a reference manual only once, and that was just to make sure the way I was doing the input was the best.

But then back to Perl, I have picked it up again, because it is a lot more useful than PHP is. Perl can be used as a powerful system maintainance tool, as well as a CGI programming language. PHP and Perl can do many of the same things, however it is my oppionion that PHP is far easier to learn, and makes a much better starting language because you can use PHP and gain a good understanding of programming concepts, that will when you get into Perl help you allong.

PHP code is also much more readable than compared to Perl Scripts. So when starting out, PHP tutorials will make a lot more sence than their Perl counter parts.

I recommend PHP if you are going after just the web, and PERL if you want to do a lot of file keeping on your own system, or explore things other than just CGI.


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posted posted 06-22-2001 06:23

Perl makes it much easier to stand on the shoulders of giants, because of the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network, or CPAN. Many hard problems have been solved and neatly packaged for you (not scripts, but modules that implement serious functionality.

Need to send mail to thousands of recipients? Mail::Bulkmail.
Need to parse ID3 info out of MP3 files? MP3::Info.
Need to parse XML? XML::Parser.
Need to turn your syslog into intelligence? SyslogScan::Summary.

and on and on. PHP gets you joy quicker, but if you want to transcend basic db-backed web sites, it's all about Perl.

Just my 2 Yen.

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posted posted 06-22-2001 06:37

I'd say Perl.

Here's the deal, you will find that once you learn one language others come relatively easily. The basic logic of programming kinda transcends most languages.

PHP is awesome for web development and I use that the most when I am building dynamic pages.
However Perl is extremely robust. It's been around a long time and that and java are probably the two most used languages on the web.

Really if you have Perl down the transition to PHP is easier than the other way

of course I'm speaking a bit out of my ass because my Perl skills are a bit lacking. I use PHP mostly on my personal site but TcL professionally. go figure.

anyhoo my 2

Walking the Earth like Kane

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posted posted 06-22-2001 09:40

>Need to parse XML? XML::Parser.

True, but it's VERY buggy - it'll kick your butt if you're doing
"serious" apps (i.e., things involving money) - The Expat
C library modules tend to lose file handles; Which is usually
not a good idea. Dunno if it's been fixed - this is last years

PHP looks REAL enticing to me, but I can't find an hosting
service that runs it (haven't been lookin that hard, tho - I like, but they don't offer it.)

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From: other places
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posted posted 06-22-2001 15:43


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posted posted 06-23-2001 08:29

try this:

~Age doesn't always bring wisdom. Sometimes age comes alone.~

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Insane since: Oct 2000

posted posted 06-28-2001 03:23

thank you for all your cents and yens. I think I'll go for PERL hard for now then, I am sure I can pick upPHP very easily when I come back from PERL.

hehe, no one preferes ASP? personally, I found VB style programming very gay, very!! My 2 Fens (1/100 Yen)

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