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posted posted 10-17-2001 23:16

Hey all,

Short story, I'm writing a script that creates a directory on the server. I'm trying to use the mkpath function (part of the File::Path module) and I'm having a problem. When it can not create directory (the parent is unwriteable). The module causes an Uncaught Exception and kills the script. This doesn't work for me since I want to be able to go to a second option if it can't create the directory.

Before I write a looping script using mkdir, does anyone know how to catch this exception before it kills the script?

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posted posted 10-18-2001 00:26

Exception hanlding in PERL is done by using eval { } statement and then checking for error(s) in $@, like this:

eval {
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;# your code here
if ($@) {
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;# handle exception

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posted posted 10-22-2001 19:21

I think Perl also has file test operators. There's probably something for writeable.

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