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at times I make a layout for presentations in adobe photoshop that I'd like to use in flash animation. The thing is that if I want to like aniated objects on certain layers which have not so normal blending modes. it becomes a problem .. what sthe best way to like get around this. COs I'd like to animated objects on certain layers in flash without having to rip apart the entire image or using many flat versions of the background image.

A simple example would be when I use transparencies on layers. Like when I try to animtaed simple thing slike drop shadows the result of isolating the text with the drop shadow and later on employing that in my animations is rather messy!

Bipolar (III) Inmate

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Straight up, it ain't possible.

Photoshop is an image editing program, and a damn goo one at that. Photoshop is *not* and animation program. Image Ready kinda is, but it's definatly not *real-time*. Flash on the other hand is a real-time animation program, but in order to perform the kinds of tasks it does it has severe limitations. Doing realtime animations whilst caculating the computational heavy blending modes used in photoshop would bring most computers to their knees in meer seconds (although I hear the "died before it hit the shelves" Voodoo 5 video card a subset of the photoshop filters in hardware (hardware toon rendering back in 98, and everyone bagged it, heh)...

err, yeah, anyways, not gonna happen. Sorry. The closest you'll get is by using Macromedia Director which has something called "inks", which act kinda like blending modes in PS but not as good. Ypu've got a basic dodge/burn (add/subtract pin), lighten & darken then a bunch of wacky ones that just seem to funk up my image in a bad early 80's video clip kinda way. Oh and the inks are either on or off, no 50% dodge, it's full dodge or nothing.

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