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posted posted 06-17-2004 21:26

Hey, I'm new to this site, I've read through the FAQs and have looked around for a while, and it's a pretty nice forum.

Anyways, I've been thinking about getting an Intuos2 I just don't know if I want the 4x5 or the 6x8. I know there are people that swear by the 6x8, and other say that the 4x5 is perfect for them, so I don't really know, at this point it's just about price.

I have a 1600x1200 screen that I work with at all times, and I know that the tablet mirrors your desktop, so I'm wondering if anyone here has a 4x5 that they can share their experience with. Also, I heard that you can select portions of your screen/desktop to work with the tablet, instead of the entire desktop, is this true? If so, has anyone used this before?

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posted posted 06-18-2004 04:59

well then, nice to see ive gotten responses. im going to get the 6x8 if anyone cares...

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posted posted 06-18-2004 09:31

yeah, you know we're always on most of the (european) night, lusting for new posts, replying within mere nano seconds of you posting, and have not talked about Wacoms 1245 times, so we have the highest interest of replying. Instantly.

Welcome to the Asylum though.

Personally, I have a Graphire 2, and it's enough for my modest needs.

so long,

->Tyberius Prime

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posted posted 06-18-2004 16:59

Well, I work nights, and they won`t let me play on the internet at work (the bastards), but I got here as soon as I could. If I had only known I was holding you up, I might have taken some vacation time...

BUT, I don`t use a tablet. My mouse and I have become very close.

Welcome to the Asylum, though.

<edit> Stupid fingers are never gonna learn </edit>

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posted posted 06-18-2004 20:44

I've got a wacom penpartner 4x5 and use a 19" screen w 1600x1200.
I don't use it that much but If I should buy a new one I'd buy a bigger.
This small surface doesn't allow for any movement so it's virtually useless for brushwork and the likes, at least for me.


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