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posted posted 06-29-2004 16:49

Ok, I've had this problem before, and no clue to what I did to fix it.

However, I have a template going for a website. It's pretty simple

<!--#include file="header.asp"-->
<!--#include file="contentwhatver.asp"-->
<!--#include file="footer.asp"-->

In the header.asp, I have a function

line3:  function GetHeader()
line5: end function

On /every/ page, this works fine except on friend.asp, in which case I get the error

Technical Information (for support personnel)

Error Type:
Microsoft VBScript compilation (0x800A03EA)
Syntax error
/tbs/July_2004/header.asp, line 3

Any idea why I would be getting a syntax error on the line

function GetHeader()


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posted posted 06-29-2004 17:17

The poster has demanded we remove all his contributions, less he takes legal action.
We have done so.
Now Tyberius Prime expects him to start complaining that we removed his 'free speech' since this message will replace all of his posts, past and future.
Don't follow his example - seek real life help first.

Tyberius Prime
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posted posted 06-29-2004 18:49

plus mistakes are often above the line that an error is reported on.

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