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IP logged posted posted 07-12-2004 13:46 Edit Quote

Hi guys. I have two shock wave flash movies on a page like one is a menubar and the other one is like a content holder. I want to control one shockwave movie from using buttons set in another like in the example above on my HTML page there are two shock wave files one with menu buttons and one which just loads other shockwave movies. If I push a button in the menubar shcokwwave file I wish that the other content shockwave movie loads flash movies accordingly. This would be easy if both menubuttons and loading were taking place in one shockwave file but just for perks I'd like to know how to do it in the scenario above - what actionscript would be required for one flash movie to interact with anothe shockwave file.

Bipolar (III) Inmate

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IP logged posted posted 08-02-2004 18:02 Edit Quote

AFAIK, getting seperatly embedded movies in director or flash talking to each other across a web page is tricky and really not worth the troubly you'll have to go through figuring it out. Both Flash & Director provide a means for easily loading and controlling data / movies from within itself, but once you start trying to break out of that nice contained box it operates in on a web page you'll run into all sorts of problems.

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