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posted posted 08-03-2004 22:15

Here is the page in question.

In IE, when the slide show gets to the 13th image, it stops and I get the "Error on page".

It says that the error is on line 264 Char.27
Error: 'this.image.filters.0' is null or not an object

Here are the two js files that i used.

Thanks in advance!



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posted posted 08-03-2004 22:30

Well, the error is definitely occuring in recover.js, since that's where the line this.image.filters[0] (which is essentially equivalent to this.image.filters.0) appears at line 263 (sometimes IE gives line numbers which are off by one for some reason).

However, there's way too much code here for me to figure out what's wrong in a reasonable time frame. It looks like dofilter is set to true despite the fact that "the user has specified a custom filter for this slide" (taken from a comment above the problematic line) is perhaps false. This may be a bug in the js file you're using, or you may want to check if you're using it incorrectly.

If you're positive you're not doing anything wrong, then you might want to contact the creator of the slide show script.


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