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Mark McCrea
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IP logged posted posted 08-24-2004 21:47 Edit Quote

I am trying to make an autorunning CD that uses VLC (A media player). My problem is that not all CD drives will be d:. So if I try to specify an absolute file path names then I will come across some problems on computers that don't use the drive letter that I specify.

An autorun.inf will play regardless of drive letter the CD has, and can use relative paths, but I wish to have a video file on the CD that plays when VLC starts, and I can't figure out how to specify a file for VLC to play using relative paths, or a search to find the file on the disk.

For example currently opens vlc from the same directory that the autorun is in. .\ specifies that the file path is relative in the autorun.inf.

but to run the video the usual method would be:
open=.\vlc\vlc.exe d:\mpegtest100.mpeg

where d:\mpegtest100.mpg is a parameter for running VLC that tells it to run the specified file. using .\ doesn't seem to work as part of the parameter instead of d: Can this be altered so that it too is a relative path? is the problem that I currently having?

Does anyone know a method to specify in a VLC playlist, autorun.inf, command line, or an outside programs to query what drive it is in, and return that as a string to use or for anoher program to use?

Thank-you for your time.

There is plenty of room on the bottom.

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IP logged posted posted 08-25-2004 09:11 Edit Quote


:: That runs autorun.exe in the disc's root directory.


:: That runs autorun.avi in the disc's 'autorun' directory.

Autorun.inf, What is it?
MSDN - Autorun.inf Entries

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