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posted posted 09-20-2004 18:15

yo, man i post on here a lot, does anyone know if i can request a table from mysql on a page that is generated(that is worded badly)
what i mean is can i set an htaccess file to do it so that if i typed in "" it would search eddii in my mysql table and then insert it inso a page acordingly, so what i really want is it to make a page and then set the "eddii" bit as a variable, and just to be clear every bit that comes instead of "eddii" should work

p.s. while im at it will anybody link me to a page with all the basic .htaccess codes

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posted posted 09-20-2004 18:34

What you want to do is use mod_rewrite in conjuntion with a .htaccess file, you call the mod_rewrite directive with instructions in a .htaccess file, and a php (or perl or whatever) script.

Bascially you make it so someone who goes to ends up at something like

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posted posted 09-20-2004 23:18

Try googling mod_mysql apache. This is an apache module that allows you to use .htaccess files with a MySQL database.

I haven't given it a try because I tend to use LDAP instead of MySQL for access, but it sure sounds useful to me.

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posted posted 09-21-2004 04:34

I would like to commend bit and norm for their ability in deciphering this initial post.



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