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posted posted 10-01-2004 22:05


Need to add an "UP" and "Down" Arrow and increase the angle and widen the "\" in a font file that I have. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!



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posted posted 10-02-2004 20:01

Macromedia Fontographer could do this.
But the software is discontinued afaik.

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posted posted 10-03-2004 04:12

I guess I would try one of the demos of a commercial font editor, I'm not sure what if anything is disabled in them. But might be worth a try, as you would hate to spend much on just that., this one look good and cheapish, should be useable for such a need.

or maybe this editor, looks like there is a windows, and mac binary's

I haven't tried either as I Fontographer, but warning it will work under xp but, fails to work with 1gig or higher memory on XP pro. It did functions fine under XP pro with 512meg on my old machine.

Otherwise I see no real reason why you couldn't just juse another font for that task, perhap searh or the net maybe look for a math or forumla font.

J. Stuart J.

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