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posted posted 10-29-2004 13:12

i have some materials that needs printing.

problem is the printer told us that his printer can't print quark files...something to do with his rip software.
he recoomends that we give him the artwork in illustrator.

sounds easy...but when i attempt to convert from quark6... the colors and toning are all in a mess. i get stripes in illustrator when i intended it to be toning!

it does not help that it also shows tat some images are rgb...even when the image file is clearly cmyk.

pls help...losing the balance of my sanity.

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posted posted 10-29-2004 16:38

We will need a lot more info,

What your trying is not the simpliest of tasks as Illustrator doesn't support Quark Doc import directly and EPS or PDF could possiablility be used but not with out problems. How exactly are you getting it to Illustrator and what version of Illustrator and what format are the images?

I just rebuild the job from scratch, you will end up with fewer problem in the long run.

If you have Illustrator 10 or CS you might try exporting or printing the file from Quark as a PDF and try loading that into illustrator. There well be problems as PDF and EPS formats are is not realy designed to be edit, but you could at least use it as a base to begin rebuilding the page.

I would speek to the printer again, if he can't take Quark, perhap he can take a PDF [Best Option] or perhaps even RAW Postscript (Sometimes call Fat Postscript) Basicly for fat Postscript you load the driver for the printers rip or printer on to your system, then you print to that driver though quark generating RAW Postscript code, but instead of printing to the device you print to a file labled [.ps]. The printer then may spool that file directly to the printer.

Granted if the "Printer" can't take a Quark file, then they most likly can find their ass with both hands so who knows realy. Good luck.

By the way if you happen to have access to InDesign. You can import version 3 and 4 Quark Files with it. Some issue still occur with type flow, and measurement pallete formating, and etc... But I have had good luck with basic conversions so far.

J. Stuart J.

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posted posted 10-29-2004 17:32

ummm...yeah. a printer who can't take quark files has some serious issues...


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