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Bipolar (III) Inmate

From: Vancouver, BC Canada
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posted posted 12-01-2004 12:19

Then do this, if you have a previous version of Photoshop.
(i used the PS filters found in Illustrator's Plugins folder)

Grab all of the original separate Filter Gallery filters and copy them into a new folder. Name it something like "Separate PS Filters". The name isn't crucial, just so long as it's original. Put this folder into the PS CS Plug-ins folder.

Now startup PS.
Take a look under the filter menu now; you'll notice that you have a new entry at the top called "Filter Gallery". This is the funky PS CS filter gallery window. But down below, within the main filter categories menu are all of the original separate filters.

I am very pleased i just discovered this (by accident actually!). I've been wanting this option since the separate filters were clumped together in the new cumbersome gallery gizmo.

PS: and i didn't notice PS taking any longer than normal to bootup either.

The best of BOTH worlds!

Paranoid (IV) Inmate

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posted posted 12-01-2004 14:06

What a find!! I'm still using PS7 but I know a couple of people who will be delighted with that, thank you theGuest.

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