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Maniac (V) Inmate

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posted posted 04-05-2005 18:28

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Maniac (V) Inmate

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posted posted 04-05-2005 20:38

Ya... I heard this in the past hour or so. Gotta say I'm just glad I'm as old as I am cuz I hate to think what it's going to be like 20 years from now.

I feel very very badly for what I'll just label as the 'youth of today' because it is, generically speaking, the parents of 'today' who are letting this happen.

This bit,

also asked lawmakers to expand the bureau's ability to obtain records without first asking a judge.

makes it even more worrisome.

The Canadian version of the PA (can't remember the bill so can't look it up right now) but our version, in parts, is even more ominous and troubling than yours. At least to me.

Frankly I'm at quite a loss... I simply don't understand why the 'youth of today' aren't out in droves in support of those who are sounding the alarm bells.

Trying to prevent/slow the terror faction is one thing... but 10-15 years from now what/who will be the 'targets' then?


Maniac (V) Mad Scientist

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posted posted 04-05-2005 21:59


I hope it gets shot down into the shreds it desrves to be torn into.

The America I knew never was a country to cower behind such...trash.

Our Founding Fathers put the Constitution together for a reason. I don't think parts of it should be thrown into the wind, just because some half-crazed foreigner took a pot-shot at the US.

It is one thing to be concerned, and to be wary. It is another to act like brainless sheep bleating in terror.

For all the "good" it will do, if it does get re-instated.

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posted posted 04-06-2005 16:23

This was bound to happen. Once people get a taste for power, it is hard to let it go...

These could definitly be abused in the future, and America is known for freedom. The Patriot act was made to protect by confiscating a few of those freedoms temporarily. Those freedoms were given up temporarily because of the scare, but they should go back to freedoms again.

All they need is another mass terrorist attack, and then they got their life-long patriot act...

NoJive said:

I simply don't understand why the 'youth of today' aren't out in droves in
support of those who are sounding the alarm bells.

The youth of today are too lazy/busy. They either can't see that far into the future, or they have too much on their plates right now to even think about it.

"You must unlearn what you have learned."

Paranoid (IV) Inmate

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posted posted 04-07-2005 02:22
NoJive: The Canadian version of the PA (can't remember the bill so can't look it up right now) but our version, in parts, is even more ominous and troubling than yours. At least to me.

I think you might be referring to C-7. That is the only one I recollect in which Canadian privacy is being stripped. Check this out, has a listing of all your 'anti-terror/for your safety' legislation.

Funny, I think you have the impending National ID card system just as the US and UK have too. So who is this war on again?

Then there is this: U.S. to Tighten Border Controls by 2008

Are they protecting us or creating a lockdown? They keep doing these things and ultimately they restrict us, not the terrorists. If you saw the CBC Correspondent docu 'Broken Borders', you know they are obviously not doing what needs to be done down there to keep out illegals, but we will need passports to enter our own country? And now Candians will need passports to visit?

And what of the superhighways being built in Texas?

The more I get into this mess, the more confused I become.

Gid: The youth of today are too lazy/busy. They either can't see that far into the future, or they have too much on their plates right now to even think about it.

The youth of today are not taught to think for themselves in our public schools. All this debate about teaching evolution/creationism in schools is pretty irrelevent, considering what they are NOT teaching. They hardly even cover the history of this nation in depth. They give us a one track view, narrow and predefined by government curriculum. "Here, this is the Bill of Rights and Constitution, neat huh?" What does it mean? What does it say? "Don't worry your little butt about that, government will take care of it, and take care of you." They are trained to be nothing more than wards of the state, not taught about rights and liberties guaranteed them in the SUPREME law of the land OR about the grave injustices going on in the country and world everyday. Meanwhile, pre-teen kids are arrested for temper tantrums, drawing stick figures with swords and blood, etc... They are being trained to comply, trained for control, nothing more.

The PA is only one part of what is currently happening in America. The way I see it they will not only renew it, but give Gonzales and Mueller the extra powers they seek. And be sure watch for the voting record too and how many people on both sides of the aisle will vote yea, regardlesss of public opposition.

To me, the whole 'sunset' thing is just a way of making additions while putting on the show that it has a chance of going away, even with widening dissent. Perhaps a terror attack, something like another anthrax, will help push it through without much opposition from the people. The media would be only happy to comply in enforcing this perception. They create a state of fear then come in to clean up the mess acting like saviors. Grrrr...

A few other things going on are:

The "privatization" of the water supply. I recently did some research on American Water, which provides water to tens of millions of Americans, myself included, and it is owned offshore by RWE Thames out of Germany. They are buying up water rights left an right from small municipalities all over the country. Please note that there is predicted to be an impending shortage of fresh water worldwide. The oil of the 21st century some say. So why are we selling off this valuable resource to foreign and private interests?
Other utilities are also on the chopping block.

Selling off of our land to foreigners. Not a big deal right? Not until you realize that the only state in which you, an American citizen, can own land, is in Texas via a loadial title. Otherwise, you don't truly own your land, that is why you pay rent to the king every year.

"Privatizing" the roadways. Texas did this and now they are implementing toll systems and have a bill in the house to require RFID chips in registration stickers, I'll leave the rest to your capable imagination.

Taxing by the mile as they hope to start in CA with a bill there. To do so, you would be obligated to have a tracking device in your vehicle.

The impending draft which seems more likely everyday.

The impending national ID cards (Real ID Act of 2005) which will hold biometric information along with possibly RFID tags which allow tracking being passed off under the guise of immigration reform.

Terror drills in NJ and Conn this week in which people volunteer to play dead complete with fake blood. Read "desensitization" campaign, so that when they decide to strike fear into the heart of Americans again, we will readily accept martial law because it is good for us, good for America. Security over freedom.

How about the trillions missing from the US Treasury every year which nobody seems able to account for? Remember, that is our money, and sombody is embezzling it, without any sort of backlash and practically no press coverage.

The push to "privatize" Social Security. While I am really against any such socialist program, privatizing does no good considering a crash.

Electronic voting designed, owned and run by "private" companies. Sure to keep the "right" people in power for years to come.

Military surplus going to our law enforcment agencies. Who are they being armed to fight? Terrorists? Yep, but not the Arab kind.

3000 illegals streaming into the nation daily, many seeking a new life, but the rest are criminal elements. So finally, some people go down there to do a job that is not being done properly by government and Bush calls them vigilantes. Meanwhile, there are Mexican troops on the other side of the so-called friendly border, directing the illegals to the left and right of the Minutemen patrols.

The value of the dollar continues to drop, lower and lower. Some economists are looking forward to a huge crash. Our credit based society will totally crumble and the ignorant general public will be rocked to reality.

Our posture in the world right now, when you take some of these things into account, is not the posture of a free nation. I have no idea what is going on as the dots are hard to connect on this global level, and the more I research the more confusing it all becomes, but something is going on and as I said in another thread, they are rushing toward a goal.

The corporations and banks are taking over, have infiltrated government, and we are being raped and pillaged.

When they are done, we will be at the mercy of the UN, headed by Clinton, who has been buddies with the Bushes lately, to "come in and clean up the mess." (Ok, the last one is a guess, but seems very likely to me. ) I keep promising myself to go through all his EOs to figure out what he has planned.

Oh, and what of Wolfowitz and the world bank? What is that all about?

Is all this planned or bad policy? In the end, it does not matter.

Here I am ranting again, I just can't help myself, because I am truly fearful of where we will be in 10 years, not to mention 20, if we continue on this current trend.


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