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Rinswind 2th
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posted posted 04-21-2005 00:22

I am very impressed with the state off todays linux, yesterday i downloaded slackware which is known as an "hard to install" linux.
After burning the iso's to a cd i rebooted the laptop with the first cd. The setup menu shows up and, gives some choices first you need to give a source for the installation, i choose the onboard cd drive which was found automaticly.

Then i needed to partition the little (5GB) hd i got two choices using either cfdisk or fdisk. since i did not know the differencei just choose the cfdisk program, which turns out to e very simple to use.
An swap and normal linux partiton where made in a few minutes, the linux partiton got formatted with an reiserfs file system.

After partitioning i got back to the menu where i should select the groups off packages to install, first select the groups (like X or networking, main linux etc.) then select the packages. A menu turns up where you select the way to install the packages, the first time i selected newbie way, this was an mistake i was selecting each and every package and reading what this did. Next time i used the menu way and the expert way both seem more ore less the same and very easy to use.

After selecting the packages these are installed

Finally setting up the some system properties makes it ready to reboot.

After rebooting the both pcmcia slots were detected, the screen settings are right and best off all the little mouse thingie between my keys is working as intended.

So i have to conclude that even with slackware running an machine with exotic parts like a laptop installing linux is not that much a problem. I did not need to recompile anything nor loading some modules to the kernel or chanfing some weird etc/... files.

Btw the laptop is an Toshiba tecra 8100 running on an PIII 650 MHz


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posted posted 04-21-2005 01:11

ya, they call anything that makes you do any work at all 'hard to install'...silly Ubuntu-lovers

Iron Wallaby
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posted posted 04-21-2005 06:34

Yeah, I never really understood where Slack got it's reputation for being hard to install. Maybe the lack of graphics scares people?

Slack is one of my favorite distros, btw. *thumbs up*


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