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ciao inmates
i finished a website for a client a while ago, and i tried to create the website in a way that it looks completely the same on moz ie and opera.
you can see the site here --> (i know that this site consists only of images, but thats not my fault ; anyhow, now my client tells me that he experiences some problems when surfing with a mac (i guess he means IE on mac and safari); i think it concerns the CSS hovers. they have to be exactly on the same position, else they will break, i am sure.

does anyone have an idea or tips what to take care when it comes to macs? maybe the one or the other could have a quick look at the stylesheet?
any help yould be very much appreciated =)

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No time for actual help right now, but this is what I see on Mac OSX:

Safari 1.2
Everything seems to be in place, faint rollovers visible on hover.

Firefox 1.0
Same as Safari

IE 5.5
The same as Safari, but the rollovers are invisible, I managed to see a thin faint light grey line just to the right of the link MESSE

Generally, the rollovers could be more distinct in all browsers, but that's taste

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