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posted posted 06-09-2005 20:26

Gday everyone!
I go to access a CD and comes up with an error message window saying, "F:\ is inacessible. Access is denied." I've tampered with the security settings and all that for the drive but nothing works. Looked around on Google a bit too but nothing seems to relate exactly to my problem.

The unusual aspect of it is, after a restart, it's all ok and it's only been doing this for the past few days where a bizarre looking icon appears for the drive with a red mark on it. Anyone have a clue what's happened and how to rectify it?!?!

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posted posted 06-10-2005 09:15

Got a screenshot of this bizarre icon?

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posted posted 06-10-2005 10:43

cd drive old? It may be on its way out.

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posted posted 06-10-2005 11:42

De-install the Drive in the Device Manager, then do a New Start - and see if the Drive installs automatically. If it does, see if that clears up the problem.

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posted posted 06-10-2005 13:50

...and of course, check that all cables are securely attached and free of dirt/dust. Try jiggling them gently while powered-up to see if the problem is a faulty cable.

Check IDE devices under Device Manager and see whether that channel is set to 'DMA mode if available' - if not, and it isn't an available option, then it could be significant of a fault with the drive itself.

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