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IP logged posted posted 06-16-2006 00:31 Edit Quote

Seems just like yesterday I said that we were going to the hospital because my woman was going into labor. Later that night, four years ago, she gave birth to Chasie Lane.

That little monster is 4 years old today.

I still have yet to find the courage to make her a t-shirt that says Daddy's Little Porn Star.


Where does the time go?

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IP logged posted posted 06-16-2006 00:41 Edit Quote

Don't blink or you will miss most of her childhood. I just watched my two oldest graduate highschool last weekend.

Damn I'm old .......

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IP logged posted posted 06-16-2006 02:09 Edit Quote

I have a spare zimmer frame in great condition if either of you chaps need to go to the shops.
Ah time, makes fools of us all

::tao:::: ::cell::

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IP logged posted posted 06-16-2006 12:47 Edit Quote

I envy you WJ - those beginning years are very precious, and I missed those with my daughter.

Cherish the memories.

WebShaman | The keenest sorrow (and greatest truth) is to recognize ourselves as the sole cause of all our adversities.
- Sophocles

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IP logged posted posted 06-16-2006 18:25 Edit Quote

Kids are neat. I have a set of identical twin boys separated by 5 years. One 7 and the other 2. We have to double take when looking at photographs to figure out which one is which. (Obviously easier on the older ones pictures where his age is older than the younger.) Very different personalities though. The younger is always getting into everything. Something his brother didn't do at that age.

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IP logged posted posted 06-16-2006 18:30 Edit Quote

Just had my 5th baby (4rth girl) last Friday on June 9th. My oldest is 8, I'm 26 (you can do the math ). I can't believe how fast it's gone by already... I remember when we had our first, she was only a week or so old and I was in the doctor office waiting for a checkup; there was another baby in there maybe like 8 months old or something and it was reaching for the blinds. I was totally freaking out... I remember thinking, "that will be crazy when my baby girl is thinking like that!". Now she's at the top of her classes... she can read better than me! It really freaks me out to think how fast 8 years has gone by, another 8 and my oldest will be 16!! Everyday I'm amazed at how much I love my kids...

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IP logged posted posted 06-18-2006 06:05 Edit Quote

Congrats, Dad. Have you got her first car picked out, yet? Don`t dally too long.

I have one that turns 30 this year. Seems like just yesterday...

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