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IP logged posted posted 05-11-2007 11:07 Edit Quote

I'm building a site that needs to show text in English or Chinese. I have a LoadVars that calls a PHP script which returns the user's country (based on IP and the ip2country database). I have a variable in action script which is used in a dynamic text field. If I switch the variable from containing English text to Chinese text, how can I make that display properly in Flash? I cant rely on the user having that font installed as the flash allows them to manually change their country.

thanks in advance for any advice

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IP logged posted posted 05-11-2007 15:07 Edit Quote

You should really go by the language preference send out by the browser in it's request headeres - not the ip, which will lead to the wrong language being selected for a lot of people. Or whatever the equivalent in flash...

otherwise, I have no input for you - people will need the appropriate font to display chinese characters.
So does it actually work if the font is installed? Or is there a different problem ?

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IP logged posted posted 06-07-2007 06:16 Edit Quote

Anyone requesting data with a Chinese language encoding will have the appropriate font data to display the character codes for that language, like TP say, better to use this than I.P. address. What If I was a tourist in a net cafe in China or vice versa?

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IP logged posted posted 06-10-2007 04:39 Edit Quote

ummmmm i kinda new here and i dont get what we are supposed to do here! sorry
and how do you build a website?

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