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I just found out.

~bows head~

Died from injuries sustained after falling on stairs.

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Or so Macbeth claims!

Boy, his works creeped me out like few others.
Valar morguhlis

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Mannn. I did not know this
Passing over the great divide.

HR Giger

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I can't say that I knew much about the guy. Name and familiarity with his work. But I have always been fascinated by his work. His own genre to be sure, and it spoke to me in a very unusual way. Completely dumb-founding and absolutely fascinating. How could a human mind see these things and express them?

Since, I have been doing a little more reading here-n-there about him. Re-occurring nightmares of stairs leading down into darkness. Humble on the outside, twisted in his work. I don't know if words like genius, brilliant, or visionary fit.

The only way I can describe him is to say that he is, indeed, his own genre.

I can't help but wonder if there will be a Giger Festival. Or what fan-based memorials/tributes will be like.

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