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Found August 11th
Apparent suicide, asphyxia
63 years young

Maniac (V) Mad Scientist

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I'm sure ya'll will be seeing more about in the news and media very soon. As for me, I'm going to go watch "Popeye" and have a sniffle or two.

Favorite Robin Williams movies?

Popeye for sure for me. Most say boring and low-key, but I love it.

I also love One Hour Photo. It was good, almost jarring, to see his range as a non-comedic actor.

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Yes very sad indeed warjournal.
I have only watched a couple of his films so it would be hard to say.
Of all the tributes that have been in circulation I felt this one soothed my sense of loss and hurt the most. From Joe Henry's facebook page.
Robin Williams

it is especially disconcerting -ravenous upon our souls-- when our most fierce clowns willingly take leave of us: those who have ushered us through darkness, have whistled us past the graveyard; who have shown that what is funny is what is true, and what is true is the thread that unites all of us as mortals, while we pretend not be.

the (apparently) deliberate departure of robin williams rattles us in the same way that charlie parker's wanton disregard of his own bright star left us shadowed, even as we danced with assurance beneath its fleeting light.

we are desperate to believe in the value and beauty of living, though we are fearful and in pain. and the most gifted comedians of our era --robin among them, and in the company of richard pryor, bill hicks, lenny bruce-- have invited us to stay tuned to the song, even when it is fractured by crackling static and the obscuring, imposing mountains that leave us lonely between stations.

what we are likely to learn in the coming days will not be comforting. but the work mr. williams left behind can continue to be --and i have to think he wanted it to be; for his message was pure, even when he couldn't live up to it.

and it was, simply, "take heart: we are all lost pilgrims; and nothing but love will find us home."

i truly hope he has found one.
~ Joe Henry ~

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