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Gilbert Nolander
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IP logged posted posted 12-18-2016 17:52 Edit Quote

Had an interesting idea I have been pondering. There are many definitions of God. What if God is everything, and this everything has an underlying intelligence, an intelligence that we can communicate with. Perhaps Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Moses, etc - through deep contemplation and prayer were able to communicate with this intelligence and what resulted was the many different religions.

The main concept I am getting at, is perhaps all religions are co-created by spiritual masters with this intelligent God energy, based on the cultural beliefs they have developed based on their surroundings and background.

Just thought I would throw this up here ;-)


Maniac (V) Lord Mad Scientist
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IP logged posted posted 12-20-2016 22:47 Edit Quote

Hi Gilbert! I like you more and more. I've always had a similar picture of things, I usually think of it as the Universe. Each quark and lepton a function of it's overall thought structure. If it's conscious at all, it's thinking "big thoughts", and probably has no interest (or even awareness) of my individual existence. I imagine that most of what is happening around me is simply the product of certain autonomous functions, with a healthy dose of randomness for spice. Then I wonder this, was our individual consciousness factored in? Do we, as "cells" of this vast being, have any control over our environment? I'm talking about affect beyond the physical - if we're all connected through some medium (as yet undetermined), then certain individuals could produce (apparently literal) miracles.

Your pal, -doc-

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Arthur C. Clark

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