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Maniac (V) Inmate

From: The Land of one Headlight on.
Insane since: May 2001

IP logged posted posted 01-01-2019 10:31 Edit Quote

Hope your orbits have just enough wobble to keep things interesting otherwise what's the point.

And if you think your life is moving a bit too fast try looking at it.... at 240 frames per HOUR!!

Thanks for keeping the lights on.


Sometimes I sits & Think -Sometimes I just sits.

Maniac (V) Inmate

From: The Pool Of Life
Insane since: Nov 2003

IP logged posted posted 01-04-2019 03:03 Edit Quote

The Quintet of the Astonished?
Nice to hear from you NoJive

Maniac (V) Mad Scientist

Insane since: Aug 2000

IP logged posted posted 01-05-2019 06:25 Edit Quote

Shaking the pillars of heaven.

Paranoid (IV) Inmate

From: Sthlm, Sweden
Insane since: Sep 2000

IP logged posted posted 01-09-2019 10:03 Edit Quote

Really cool concept

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