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Need an FAQ renaming? Pages that link to <a href="http://ozoneasylum.com/backlink?for=4921" title="Pages that link to Need an FAQ renaming?" rel="nofollow" >Need an FAQ renaming?\

If you need an FAQ renaming then drop the ID in here (and the reason):

What are "Screen Fonts" or "Pixel Fonts" and hw do they differ from other fonts? - typo needs correcting, sorry - [Dracusis] - there is an error in the admin but I will fix this when I can.


As things are renamed here it will mean that some of the other FAQs which link through to the renamed FAQs will display the wrong title (this is because the name is stored in the FAQ when the internal link is first added). The simplest thing is to make the link recache the name by trimming the link back to its _53] format - as anyone can do this just keep an eye on things as you wander around.

(Edited by: Emperor on Thu 23-May-2002)


Asylum Google Bomb - "I read about the Asylum Google Bomb. What is it all about?" would probably be better since it sounds more like a question

Done - do we need to have everything as a question? I know its a FAQ but....

(Edited by: Emperor on Thu 23-May-2002)

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