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Serious bracket bug Pages that link to <a href="http://ozoneasylum.com/backlink?for=4943" title="Pages that link to Serious bracket bug" rel="nofollow" >Serious bracket bug\

Go to this page http://faq.ozoneasylum.com/FaqWiki/shownode.php?id=481 and click 'edit'. Note how the brackets have been changed to character entities without semi-colons. Don't save your edit or you'll have a heckuva time changing the brackets back. I've already done it once and some of the UBB code has turned into actual text.

Slime, I've no clue what you're talking about.
Ok, I added those ;, they were causing problems earlier,
but that should have been fixed.
But where was the problem actually?
Opera and IE handled them just fine without the ; at the end...
just curious,
--Tyberius Prime

btw, you know you can make links around here just using [ id ] ?
like How do I get rid of that rectangle when I click on a link?...

(Edited by: Tyberius Prime on Sun 26-May-2002)

Slime: Oh, I know the [ id ] trick, I just find it easier to cut and paste URLs sometimes. Anyway, the problem is still there. Notice that in the linked node, there is the text "document.links[i].onclick". Now, if you click "edit this page", and look in the text box, that part now says "document.links&#91; i &##93;.onclick". (edit: i had to insert spaces around the i in that text, because it considered it UBB code. Which is ridiculous, since the actual thing I see there in this text box is "& a m p ; # 9 1 ; i & a m p ; # # 9 3 ;" without the spaces. Something with ampersands is just really messed up.)

Before, when there was no semi-colon there, after editing the page it would be replaced with document.links&##91i&##93.onclick, which is obviously a problem. Notice that some UBB code that Emperor had initially put in that node, a link to Mr. Max's page, is now in the text verbatim, instead of being a link.

Hey, it's inside a code tag, so the [ are replaced by & 93; ... just how it should be, so that the later ubb code doesn't pick them up...
TP I did quite a bit if editing on that page as it kept doing all sorts of funny things changing the [ to their special charcters and then changing the & to its special character - it all seems to working OK now though so whatever you did seems to have worked.

Yeah, I can see having problems with multiple edits within code tags, because the replacment code get's called every time it's edited, and it replaces the & with & amp; ...
nightmare, really... maybe I could convert all & 93;s and so back to [ before calling that code...

or maybe someone can point me to a regexp that basically says all [tag]text[/tag] that is not surrounded by a [code] tag... is something like that possible?

(Edited by: Tyberius Prime on Mon 27-May-2002)

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