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What do I do about broken links? Pages that link to <a href="http://ozoneasylum.com/backlink?for=5194" title="Pages that link to What do I do about broken links?" rel="nofollow" >What do I do about broken links?\

If the links are to the Asylum:

1. You are probably on the search page. If the thread is missing it is most likely that it has been archived so search through the relevant archive and change the link to the new one.

2. If this doesn't work edit the page to indicate the link doesn't seem to work.

3. Drop a link to the FAQ in here.

If the links are external ones:

1. Try and see if the site is up and if the error is in the URL then edit the FAQ and add the new one.

2. If the site is down or the page has disappeared edit the FAQ to indicate that the link doesn't appear to work.

3. Drop a link to the FAQ in here.

We rely on everyone who uses the FAQ to make sure links are working and so please follow the above guidelines.

FAQs with broken links:

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from just testing...on VOTE ME DOWN! - 984

is this how you mean?
--Yes, exactly. well, that page was voted down, so I'll add another testing page...


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