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A node for aspects of the Wiki's working life. If you need something moved or renamed or spot a broken link then address the problem in the subtopics.


You can do many things but you can't move, rename, or delete a FAQ if you put it in the wrong place.
The people who take their time to monitor the FAQ cannot possibly monitor all instances of it... especially with it growing as fast as it is.
This is where you come in...

Drop links into the subtopics below to FAQ's that need to be changed in some way, because they are either pointless... irrelevant... or are littered with dead links. Keep in mind... that even though a FAQ is full of dead links, it doesn't nessecarily need to be moved, renamed, or deleted..... we could all be better off if you just edited that particular node to say "the aforementioned links are dead".... and then we can leave that node there for people who come along later, to add to it with relevant comments and active links. Each instance will be different.... so it's your call.

(Added by: Emperor on Tue 02-Jul-2002)
(Edited by outcydr on 07-22-2004 07:21)

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