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Whats with the monitoring of Google results?

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Here I'll post any 'interesting' search engine queries I spot in the logs (and if possible the page they refer to.



ozone and virus - is the Doc ill?

oompa loompas cartoon



nice nudes - why thank you!!

lobster army nickname frog - amusingly this points to a thread about France

use google before asking stupid - very good advice!!

mythical creature swiss banker The Gnomes of Zurich just keep popping up.

how i can get to sweden as asylum - its not a very good disguise for sneaking in anywhere.

skunk remidies - the mind boggles over

what is the definition of a mad scientist

pictures of very pale people - we don't see much sun
pictures of severe damage caused by drinking and driving - by very pale people?

are scientists looking for a way to fix our ozone - I know he hasn't be around so much recently but I'm not sure he needs 'fixing' (interestingly this search (at Ask.com) brings up the search page.

make ozone at home plans - I can't really work this one out (edit: ahh plans for making ozone at home!! Hook yourself up to the mains and you have the second term.
ozone shock therapy - Suho1004's fault!!

mad star wars - sounds like a great idea for a pitch (although I suppose Spaceballs got there first).

animated mops gifs

guinness japan
ozone cartoons

pics of bad ozone - there are no pictures of Doc Ozone acting bad and anyone caught taking snaps have a nasty tendency to disappear.

how can i test ozone? - ask him questions??

extra wisdom teeth - no extra wisdom around these parts.
what is ozone mad of - stupid questions?

cat painting - pictures of cats painting of course!!
funny french quotes - I'm sure there are some but keep searching...
selma hayak notre dame - does she now have a hunch?
asylum peircing - what were they looking for???

sad clowns - is this a slur on we inmates!!

hallucinagenic mushrooms - the advantage of poor spelling in search engine rankings.

my pc cd player dont work at home - well don't use it at home!!!

the emperor is far - yes he is.......

vampire chronicle backup download
should alchohol be legal - do you mean it isn't??
inventory for dumbies

crazy html tips - oh we have plenty of them
creating an ozone - with the ever increasing hole we certainly need it!!

fuck - DL-44's fault
legalisation of cannibis - you've clearly had too much already

i didn't see it but i heard it was heidi football - this is just mystifying

excerise for to have a bigger bottom - my guess is: take less exercise and eat more.

removechild invalid argument - sounds like harsh punishment (although if this is the father of the "iraq bomb dad" person it might be suitable)

iraq bomb dad - sounds nasty
tolkien powered by the ultimate bulletin board - was he really?

if you cannot find osama bomb iraq - could smeone stop George Dubya from using the Internet please?
if we can't find osama bomb iraq - ditto
painting clouds - you'd need a big brush

eddie murphy white man disguise
newton ring

price of beer in Norway pub

The rest:

bang flag gun

bare bones laptop

crazy mad scientist projects for you to try

drugs should be legal in canada

find me some pictures of how ozone is and what is it actually

golden web scam

good drugs gallery

im bored

laticia casta photos

living color homey clown picture

lunatic asylum images - you are certainly in the right place.

mad profile stuff

mad thumbs

mad thunder

making a railgun

male genatalia

mount everast - where??

ozone jokes - are there any?

picture of ozone - can you take a picture of it?

poopstain.jpg - there is actually only one result at Google for poopstain.jpg (Heh... now there are two. :-P)

probe my ports - yeah baby

psychotic nightmares

railgun plans

scanner abuse - surely there should be laws against this kind of thing?

scarface email

sword of the ranger

system freezing can't move - sounds like a cry for help.

tanya grotter

trendwhore wallpaper - well you are in the right place for that!!!!!!!

up from the depths 30 storeys high - its............

you're my wife now clown - I suspect that one is my fault

what does seoul mean

who won the firts world cup

why do people lie

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