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Paranoid (IV) Inmate

Insane since: Jul 2002

posted posted 05-03-2003 04:43

ok it seems alittle problem has occured here.....why all the animation is frozen?
my sigs doesnt move, folders dont burn......gilbets ball is stuck in the air....whats going on here?

Maniac (V) Mad Scientist with Finglongers

From: Cell 53, East Wing
Insane since: Jul 2001

posted posted 05-03-2003 04:44

Ruski: I'd suggest your computer is freezing up - low memory or something crashing seem obvious candidates.



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Paranoid (IV) Inmate

Insane since: Jul 2002

posted posted 05-03-2003 05:47

ok I see..its true everything is upside seems my laptop doesnt show animation in the browsers....even in Image Ready, when I check it out in the browser it doesnt work...why is that? what happened everything worked fine, I deleted alot of junk from my laptop...wth?

Maniac (V) Inmate

From: Brisbane, Australia
Insane since: Apr 2001

posted posted 05-03-2003 06:57

Could be any number fo things... Programs you've recently installed.. things you've deleted that you shouldn't have deleted...

Try and pin-point the time when this first started happening and make a list of the things you did to your computer at the time so you know where to start looking for the problem.

Lunatic (VI) Mad Scientist

From: Massachusetts, USA
Insane since: Mar 2000

posted posted 05-03-2003 06:59

There's an option somewhere in Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced to turn off gif animations in IE. Double check that.

Maniac (V) Mad Scientist

From: 127 Halcyon Road, Marenia, Atlantis
Insane since: Aug 2000

posted posted 05-03-2003 17:25

damn!! slimer beat me to it!

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Paranoid (IV) Inmate

Insane since: Jul 2002

posted posted 05-03-2003 22:32

Ohh the almighty slime I am worshiping you!!!

Paranoid (IV) Inmate

From: the space between us
Insane since: Sep 2002

posted posted 05-03-2003 22:40

the gif animations only freeze if i keep my browser a few hours open.

Rinswind 2th
Maniac (V) Inmate

From: Den Haag: The Royal Residence
Insane since: Jul 2000

posted posted 05-04-2003 20:27

.... and thus running low on memory.

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