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posted posted 07-01-2003 21:22

I have an IBM Thinkpad 600. Originally it ran some version of windows (cant remember now...). I had a problem once with the crystal audio drivers, but I sorted them out.
Anyway, i got bored of windows, and with a little persuasion moved to redhat. It was very good, but once again, I had problems with my audio drivers. Anyway, a friend managed to solve them.
But. i have just moved to mandrake, and yet again I have had problems with my audio. Yet, despite my best efforts, and much web crawling, I have been entirely unable to solve them.

Please, please could you help me?



Go to and click on the link to the raytracer!

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posted posted 07-01-2003 23:06

Ask the friend who installed the Red-hat drivers to reinstall them, the mandrake drivers should be the same since they ar both basicaly linux drivers.
Otherwise you need to know the type of your audio equipment and search with "type off audio/type off notebook + linux version + howto/tutorial" at google.

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posted posted 07-02-2003 20:39

Linux on Laptops and comp.os.linux.portable will give you a major reading frenzy ... If you want more, do a newsnet search for any newsgroup with linux in the name ...

It's where I found out a lot about doing it with my Dell C800, and I even posted a few of my own tips too .. sorry - don't know the IBM's foibles but someone there will.

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