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posted posted 08-23-2003 17:25


I have had a visit of the msblaster virus. Before I found the correct way to fix the problem, I went into the service - Remote Procedure Call and disabled the service for the hardware profile. Stupid me! Now the computer is running like h... and i'm not able to get into the properties of the service Remote Procedure Call. Do any one know how to enable the services again????


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posted posted 08-23-2003 18:34

mhm sorry i cant help you out here.
but you may have a look at this similar thread. maybe you can find something useful there.


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posted posted 08-24-2003 02:42

Try booting in safe mode and then reenabling RPC. Pressing F8 during boot should get you into safe mode for Win98/XP, XP/2000 tell you when to press F8 for alternate boot options.

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posted posted 08-24-2003 03:11

from the command prompt:
net start "remote procedure call (RPC)"


Jam Hojas
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posted posted 08-26-2003 07:39

Please, I need your help! I did the same thing that LISA did but instead of the MSBLASTER worm I got the WELCHIA worm. I disabled the RPC service and now I can't see the properties of any of the services in SERVICES.MSC! How can I enbale RPC again? Does anyone know what registry values I must modify so I can view the properties pop up menu again? Aside from that, I can't copy and paste files or use the search feature.

Please reply anyone.

Jam Hojas
Nervous Wreck (II) Inmate

From: Iligan, Misamis Oriental, Philippines
Insane since: Aug 2003

posted posted 08-26-2003 07:51

Can anyone tell me how I might see the remote procedure call service properties window again? I disabled it when the computer kept shutting down and after that, could not see the properties page again. I ran the fixWELCHIA from symmantec which removed the virus but have not applied the patches yet. And still can't see the properties windows.

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posted posted 09-26-2003 16:17

I also disabled the Remote Procedure Call (unrelated to virus problems).
What you need to do is to install the Windows Recovery Console and type the following command: Enable RPCSS Service_Auto_Start

To install Windows 2000 Recovery Console see:
remark: winnt32.exe is located in the i386 directory of the installation file set (or from your windows set-up disks). Running "Winnt32.exe /cmdcons" in DOS-prompt will install the Recovery Console.

When you get the Recovery Console prompt you enter "Enable RPCSS Service_Auto_Start". To restart your computer type "exit".

For more info and parameters for Windows 2000 Recovery Console:;EN-US;229716

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posted posted 09-26-2003 18:45

OK this seems to be of a lot of interest to people (we are getting a lot of traffic on this too) and it has drawn in a lot of new people so I started an FAQ on it:

:FAQ: Can you help me with my problems with Window's Remote Procedure Call?

Throw in any advice and resources you have.

And to the new people: Welcome - you might want to pop down to:

:FAQ: The Reception Room


FAQs: Emperor

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posted posted 09-26-2003 19:15

i put it so it restarted RPC with a wait of 0 minutes when i got the blaster and it gave me time to get the patches done.

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posted posted 09-27-2003 05:49

I didn't wait till I got the blaster, I just got the patches, and I haven't had it so far...

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