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posted posted 01-30-2004 21:15

Anybody remember the funny story about the inverse of 137 and the physisist that discovered it? I've been searching for it all week, but I can't seem to find where I read about it..

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Maniac (V) Mad Scientist

Insane since: Aug 2000

posted posted 01-30-2004 21:48

Managed the name "Poliakov". Should help narrow the search.

With a closer look, it looks like Poliakov has something to do with gravity that uses 137 or something. Probably not the guy you are looking for.

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posted posted 01-30-2004 21:56

Sorry, it doesnt exist Inverse of 137

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posted posted 01-30-2004 22:05

Maybe this is it? Nothing about the inverse in there but everything else kinda matches up.

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posted posted 02-03-2004 20:13

Im gonna shoot into the dark here for I knew nothing of 137 up until I've read the article posted by cyoung (not that I know much more about it now).

They say " This constant, 137, is the way physicists describe the probability that an electron will emit or absorb a photon."

so inverse is 1/137, IS that probability they're talking about... unless u mean something else by 'inverse'

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posted posted 02-04-2004 02:02

What is the significance of the number 137 in physics?

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