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posted posted 12-26-2001 11:02

Hey everyone,
Ok I know dhtml in opera 5 was a pain but I hear that Opera 6 is using the new Mozilla version. Does anyone know a site that might explain how to do things like this in Opera. It works in all other browsers but I don't know where to start to make my code Opera compliant also. Any resources you have would be helpful.

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posted posted 01-06-2002 15:43

I don't have an answer but, Here is the link you were trying to post. You missed a letter...

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posted posted 01-06-2002 18:20

dk01: Its an interesting question but I'm not aware they are 'using the new Mozilla version' - the changelogs:

suggest some changes:

ECMAScript and JavaScript

General improvements
CGI arguments can be chopped off the URL returned by "location.pathname"
Support for "window.print()" has been added

but it isn't clear what they are. However, Opera are pretty upfront about where their browser lacks JavaScript functionality (and where it works, of course). Have a look at:

I know you can change your preferences to "Identify as MSIE 5.0" (see last link) but that isn't helpful when trying to get things to work in all Op5 browsers.


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