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posted posted 04-24-2002 08:22

Hi all...

I've never had a problem with frames before as i never had to "overlap" them before - Ive got an index page with a head frame and a body frame

in the head.html page there is a javascript menu (mouseover, drop down menu with links) - thats working fine (when on its own)
The height of the head is 100 pixels, the body frame is the remainder - when i look at the index file with both frames, i can see the main links - but when i put my mouseover it, it hides behind the body do i get the head frame to overlap the body frame so that i can see the links when i mouse over...

Ive tried a few sites like and java tech center, but i cant find what im looking for (actually not sure for what to look for)...what kind of coding would i use (i use notepad) to say for instance - mouseover menu, view in body frame (im starting out in this so it is relatively confusing for me)...and where would i put it?

I Posted in HTML section because I thought it would be a html issue - thanks to their (DMS and suho) help i found out its javascript

HTML for index page below

<frameset framespacing="0" border="0" rows="100,*" frameborder="0">
<frame name="top" scrolling="no" noresize src="head.html" target="middle">
<frame name="middle" src="top.html" scrolling="auto" noresize>

Please help...


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posted posted 04-25-2002 23:57

Ok, Minkies.

Let's have a go at it then.
In your frameset code you have two html-pages, one in the frame "top" called "head.html", and one in the frame "middle" called "top.html".
(a bit confusing naming there...)

If I understand you, you have in your "head.html" some javascript and a menu that hides & shows dropdown menus, correct?

Without seeing the actual code I'll give you some pointers on how to give it a go yourself.

1 - In "head.html" you will probably have a series of <div> tags with your drop-down links in them.
Cut these out (don't miss anything) and paste them into your page that goes in the lower frame ("top.html" right?).

2 - Use the style values to place these <div>'s so they line up flush at the pages top. (style="top:0px")

3 - Now, take a look at the page "head.html" and the links you mouseover to show your menus, you will probably have some kind of function-call that sends the <div>'s id to a function. Look for something like this 'onmouseover="showMenu('menu1');"'

4 - Now, in the <head> tags, there's probably a function that you call, following the example above, it should look like this:

function showMenu(object){
---lot's of code---

Inside this look for
"document.layers[object].visibility = 'visible';"
"document.all[object].style.visibility = 'visible';"
"document.getElementById[object].style.visibility = 'visible';"
there might be
"document.layers[object].visibility = 'hidden';"
"document.all[object].style.visibility = 'hidden';"
"document.getElementById[object].style.visibility = 'hidden';"
in there as well, it depends on how much this function does.

What you find might look different from this example, but the key is that in a row like this:
"document.all[object].style.visibility = 'visible';"
you are in fact more or less saying "give the value 'visible' to the style of the [object=your div's id/name]that resides on this page".

If you change the start of that line to:
"window.parent.middle.all[object].style.visibility = 'visible';"
you are pointing to the same object's id, but on the page that exists in the frame middle.
Why? Well, the document that has the script, has a parent since it is shown inside a frameset, the parent is the frameset itself which resides in the "window" object. So if you refer up to the frameset, and then down into the object "middle" you should find a page there that holds the <div> to make visible.

Am I making any sense here???
Try it, and if you can't make it work, post the code and we'll have a go at it.
You cfan also take a look here:
where there's an example.
Good luck/Dan

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posted posted 04-26-2002 02:22

DMS's solution will work only if the menu is completely in the other frame. Won't work if the menu crosses the frame border

I think bratta made a crossframe version of cool menu's but I don't know how it worked.

Hmm.. you may be able to essentially make 2 menu divs (one in each frame) that are positioned absolutely in the same place and show hide them both. Wierd I'll have to try that.

You may also be able to try putting the dive in the parent (frameset page) and have that fly over all but I don't think that'll work.

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