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posted posted 09-18-2002 22:08

Hey all, I have a question but I'm not sure if it should go here or in the CSS Forum...sorry if this is in the wrong place, do let me know.

Here's what I want to do: create some sort of program (via JavaScript is what my boss suggests) where there is an array (or something of the sort) where you add the page and it does everything necessary to put the buttons on the page (you know, next, back, etc) w/out you having to change the page before it, the page after it, and that page itself. Does this make sense? I don't know enough about this yet to know if it is even POSSIBLE, much less be able to do it. If you've ever seen this or done this before or know of a tutorial, that would be very helpful. Thanks!


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posted posted 09-18-2002 22:31

Genevieve: I'd do that with server-side scripting.


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posted posted 09-19-2002 07:31

I'd use CGI..

but what I'd do is INCLUDE some "nextback.cgi" to properly configure the buttons to the proper places...

I'd go with Perl... if you need help, ask around here... but for specific Perl/Pyton/PHP/ASP issues, head on over to the sever-side forum...

if you're under the gun, feel free to email me..

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