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posted posted 06-09-2003 21:29

I'm having an issue and its time for me to hit the message boards.

I have an HTML page that has 2 <DIV> layers on it. One of them is set to have a z-index depth of 2 and the other is z-index of 3. This all works all in good the layers exist correctly, except when I enable the wmode of the top most layer.

If wmode is set to transparent it then resides behind the z-index 2 layer. Instead of on top of all the layers. I've been looking for a bug fix but cannot find one. I can send some source code if need be.

This is a pretty urgent matter, and responses or ideas are GREATLY appreciated.

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posted posted 06-09-2003 22:19

What's wmode?

Rinswind 2th
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posted posted 06-09-2003 22:53

Slime, i think he is talking about someting flash related. Look :

ericwebster i think this is a flash related question and should be asked in the right section off this forum.
Also read this :FAQ: Reception Room
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