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posted posted 09-28-2003 21:25

I'm not sure exactly what to call this thing, but I'm settling with "RPC-JS" for the time as it involves a form of Remote Procedure Call routines, and is a Javascript library.

Long story short, it's a two-way networking/socket-style layer allowing simultaneous communication between multiple clients through a common Web interface (ie. a web page.)

A bit of blabbering about what I found, and a demo (simple chat app) is viewable here..

I posted a question about this a while ago, under the thread "Streaming" JS?.

Thanks to everyone for their prior input, it was helpful in finding methods to get the functionality I was looking for!

Once I iron bugs out etc. and add more functionality to it, I intend to make it available for people to download and use in their projects. I don't know if there's much need out there with Flash etc. capable of socks-based communication, but you never know

- scott

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posted posted 09-29-2003 18:11

The poster has demanded we remove all his contributions, less he takes legal action.
We have done so.
Now Tyberius Prime expects him to start complaining that we removed his 'free speech' since this message will replace all of his posts, past and future.
Don't follow his example - seek real life help first.

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posted posted 09-29-2003 20:47

*neat* pull-mechanism! I'm afraid the "inter-domain-problem" that occurs when accessing the content of an iframe will probably not be hackable. I've been puzzling with some alternatives(204-php pages etc) but still no solution . But hey, we'll figure some'ing .

Bipolar (III) Inmate

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posted posted 09-29-2003 21:05

^^ You nailed it.. I'm using a PHP script acting as a proxy for the time being. Ideally the broadcast server could be just a simple daemon listening on the server side (perhaps running in PHP itself), but the way I've approached it (PHP proxy -> broadcast server) seems to work without issue.

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posted posted 09-29-2003 21:12

Scott: Good stuff. I've started a FAQ to track developments:

:FAQ: How do I make a chat script with JavaScript?


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