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posted posted 09-24-2003 07:46

i'm making a round shape image for publishing and i want to make the bleeding line. how to do that? thx

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posted posted 09-24-2003 09:17

Well we may need a little more information as to how it's going to be published and trimmed or die cut ?.

Normally you just indicate a trim, indicating the bleed has little use. Bleed is simply out side of the trim. Make trim marks just out side or mid bleed so they will be cut off leaving no marks inside document once trimmed. Bleed simply extends from where the trim would occur, ruffly 1/8" - 1/4" should be enough.

Now with irregular shapes, trim marks arn't realy possiable, such a trim and would normaly requires a die or hand cutting.

Custom die cutting will require a blade to be created. So some kind of accurate templete will be needed. I would create a second document or layer indicating where the trim would occur. Ideally printing it out it on acatate or tissue and attaching it to the print as a flap. It might be best to remove the layer prior to sending it to the printer. Unless of course they ask for it.

My guess is custom dies are realativly expensive. But it depends on the job and client. How ever my guess is an printer doing die cut will have a premade dies for common shapes and sizes. Such a printer might beable to supply a template or measurements for you to use. You could save some cash.

As always it best to ask your printer first, they are the experts with their particular equipment and workflow.

J. Stuart J.

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