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posted posted 09-25-2003 09:38

Heya, friends!

I'm newbie in graphics, so the problem is: I've got an image (495*500) of not perfect quality. I need to make it ~ twice bigger and take off this shit, that appears, when the image is larger - pixel dirt, dust, noise, blur, bad color and other crap.....

Please, if someone knows - help me!

Thanx in advance.

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posted posted 09-25-2003 11:01

Greetings and 'Welcome' Aquarius.
A couple of things. It's a very helpful lot that hangs out here... but they're very very fussy with how you go about asking for help. About the first thing they like to hear is that you have RTM. (Read the manual) Or you've opened the 'Help File' and looked up things like 'dust, noise, blur, bad color...and other crap.... and then they like to hear that you've searched thru the FAQ's and have tried a few things and then they really like it when you post your efforts so they can actually see what you've done. That way they can make extremely helpful suggestions.

If you take that approach it's quite amazing what comes back. Otherwise somebody may just come along and tell you to fuck off (nicely of course)... or worse yet... just ignore you. So far neither has happened. So do the basics's post up... and away we go. =)

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posted posted 09-25-2003 18:16

Bottom line: goodluck!

When you enlarge an image, the program is forced to create what isn't there or simply enlarge each pixel.

There is no sure way to get *any* sort of quality when doubling the size of an image, especially if the original is of questionable qulaity to begin with.

There are a ton of tips and tricks around for cleaning up an image - look through the FAQ, or do a google search or two. But don't expect to be able to retain the quality when sizing up.

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posted posted 09-26-2003 14:00

One thing that helps some when enlarging an image is to enlarge it in several small steps instead of one big step.
For example, if you need to make it twice the size it is now, do it by enlarging the original image by ten percent, then enlarge the result by ten percent and keep doing this until it's the size you want.
What DL-44 said is essentially correct, though. You're trying to creat e something out of nothing, so about all you can hope for is a moderately good result.

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