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posted posted 11-05-2003 09:24

Hey I have this picture of a friend in a parking lot, during the day. Hes wearing a white shirt and so far I have been unsucessful in making the picture look like it is night time. You see I'm taking this picture and combining it with one of a night time golf course, in anycase I can't make a realistic day-turned-night pic. Any ideas? Havent tried lighting effects too much because I'm unfamiliar with those but, everything else I've tried in Photoshop 6 has been fruitless. The picture turns dark or such, but not realistic night time, and plus the white shirt always remains super bright, high contrast looking.

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posted posted 11-05-2003 11:42

I may very well be missing the point here, but wouldn't it just be easier to take a picture of your friend at night?

I'm not a PS guru, so that was the first thing I thought of...


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posted posted 11-05-2003 16:17

I've had partial success with this in the past...

try duplicating the layer with your picture on it. desaturate it. Adjust the curves... you want something that comes up, levels off, then goes up again to remove some contrast (it looks kind of like a graph of y=x³). Set it to multiply and play with the opacity. More levels + curves to your liking...

Old examples: (original) (dark) (slight adjustments)

(edit: found the tutorial I remembered this from: )

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posted posted 11-07-2003 00:02

Well... can we see the pictures? It always helps. For example - if the course is a deep blue color but your friend is in a shaded grey or a detoned pale color, you'd need to adjust appropriately. Also, if there is a bright light behind him but the light for the course is from behind, you'll need to edit the color so it doesn't appear that there's a halo around him. And then again if the resolutions don't match then it'll be really ugly.

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